A. HAYS TOWN changed the face of the Louisiana house. In a career that includes designing more than five hundred homes, he has led architects, builders, and homeowners to embrace the finest elements of Louisiana’s rich architectural past. Almost every home built in Louisiana during the last twenty years is in some way inspired by Towns work. The Town original, though, still stands out as dynamic yet timeless, elegant yet earthy, refined yet muscular, and above all dramatic to the eye yet soothing to the spirit.

The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town honors his legacy as Louisiana’s premier residential architect. Color photographs of numerous homes – including Town’s own – Philip Gould combined with an illuminating text by Cyril E. Vetter produce a volume that captures the appeal and beauty of the states finest architectural tradition.

Town established a successful commercial practice in Baton Rouge in 1939, but in the 1960’s at an age when many people are considering retirement, he turned to his abiding passion – residential architecture. Throughout this chapter of his career, he perfected and expanded his inimitable style and emerged as one of the most prominent architects in the South.

Town’s residential designs are perceptibly influenced by the diverse culture of Louisiana. His synthesis of the classic Acadian cottage (with its raised front porch and exterior stairs), Spanish courtyards, and exterior French doors with Creole influenced full-length shutters achieves an original confluence of seemingly disparate yet elegantly balanced seems and forms. Other Town trademarks include pigeonniers, tree alleys, thirteen-foot ceilings, heavy use of such woods as cypress and heart of pine, plantation-style separate structures, and brick floors with a special beeswax finish.


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Cook n’ Blues

Eat to the Music

Every once in a while a unique idea materializes. Cook n’ Blues is one of those ideas. A number of America’s, but mostly Louisiana, artist have contributed family recipes of Louisiana’s unique cuisine. Louisiana is famous for food and music, this cook book accentuates the legacy. Examples: Deacon John’s “Oyster Dressing”, Gatemouth Brown’s “Gates Chicken”, Luther Kent’s “Artichokes”, Raful Neal “Crawfish Etouffee’ “, George Porter’s “Mama’s Greaseless Pork Chops” are just a few of the delicacies in Cook n’ Blues.

Partial proceeds to be donated to charities benefiting musicians.



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Fonville Winans’ Louisiana

Nestled in Louisiana’s marshes and bayous is a world unlike any other. The people, places and politics are as steamy as the weather, constantly defying generalization. The life story of internationally acclaimed Baton Rouge photographer Fonville Winans (1911-1992), told by Cyril Vetter, is now available. In “Fonville’s Louisiana. Politics, People, Places,” Vetter gives us passage into Fonville’s life, through a sympathetic yet throughout rendering.

Celebrated as one of America’s best regional photographers, Fonville’s view of Louisiana invokes nostalgic memories for Louisiana natives, while introducing others to the Pelican state’s magic and beauty. A complimentary CD is included with the book; This CD conveys the flavor of both Louisiana music and politics, featuring Louisiana songs like “You are My Sunshine” and “Hadacol Boogie,” and Earl Long interviews and speeches.


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Hail to the Dragon Slayer

Arthur A. “Buddy” Lemann, III was born in 1942 in Augusta, Georgia. His father was stationed there in WWII. At the end of he war, the Lemanns moved back to Palo Alto, the Lemann family plantation near Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Buddy led a typical life of a plantation child in the small south Louisiana town. He attended the Catholic elementary and high schools in nearby Donaldsonville and graduated from high school at Marion Military Institute in Marion, Alabama, where he was sent for one too many acts of youthful exuberance. In summers he worked around the plantation, helping to harvest the sugar cane crops, and generally led the privileged but hard-working life of a scion of a sugar planting dynasty. In 1964, he received his undergraduate degree from Tulane University. He attended Loyola University Law School, where he was Editor-In-Chief of the Law Review and ultimately received a Master of Laws from George Washington University.

Also in 1964, he married Roberta Ann Acosta, a childhood sweetheart from Donaldsonville. They have four children, all raised in New Orleans.

Buddy’s criminal law practice spans twenty-five years of some of the most difficult and sensational cases in the history of the American criminal justice system. His clients list includes reputed Mafia Don “Carlos” Marcello, Father Dino Cinel, the notorious priest accused of trafficking in child pornography, and a host of other colorful and compelling clients.

Buddy comes from impeccable literary bloodlines. His cousin, Nicholas Lemann, is the author of The Promised Land, which was made into an acclaimed multipart PBS series. Another cousin, Nancy Lemann, is the author of the prize-winning novel Lives of the Saints, which is set in New Orleans. On his mother’s side, his family includes such notables as Walker Percy and William Alexander Percy, author of Lanterns on the Levee.

Hail to the Dragon Slayer is his first book and is an autobiographical account of his most famous cases, with continuity provided by his colorful and fascinating life experiences.

What others say about Hail to the Dragon Slayer

“Buddy Lemann’s Hail to the Dragon Slayer reveals the drama and power of the day to day practice of criminal law. Stakes this high– freedom, incarceration, and even life itself– requires a cool head, a passionate heart, and a nimble mind. Buddy has all three, plus the ability to recount these tales in a compelling and readable book.”

– Gerry Spence

“Hail to the Dragon Slayer is a masterfully written brief in support of my decision not to practice law. Buddy’s flair, personality and ability are convincingly portrayed in this real-life drama. Who needs pulp fiction when you can read Hail to the Dragon Slayer.”

– James Carville

“If Huck Finn had grown up to be a criminal defense attorney, he’d sound a lot like Arthur Lemann III. Part coming -of-age memoir, part legal thriller, Hail to the Dragon Slayer is a tale of truth and showmanship, humor and insight, in the unmistakable voice of legendary Louisiana lawyer and born storyteller.”

– Shelia Bosworth


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