Raful Neal – Old Friends


  • My Baby Left Me
  • Someday
  • I Got Over You
  • You Been Sweet To Me
  • Call Me Baby
  • Pride & Joy
  • Old Friend
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Crazy About You Baby
  • Change My Way of Living
  • Sunny Side of Love

The "Godfather" of the Baton Rouge Blues! In 1958, Raful's bandmates included Phil & Buddy Guy. Today, Raful's family proliferates the Blues like none other. Sons, Kenny, Lil Ray, Noel, Darnell, Fredrdick, Ronnie, & daughter Jackie all sing and play the blues. Raful's latest recording has been 10 years coming, and is his best. The thing about great music, is-- once you hear it, you never forget it. This is one of those. "Old Friends" on Pal Productions.


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