Watch the debut video for the song Amelia.



Karma and the Killjoys is a piano-rock band based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Founding members Rain Scott-Catoire (Piano/Vocals/Writer), Sydni Myers (Vocals/Writer), and Sophia Brazda (Vocals/Writer) came together their freshman year as Theatre Performance majors at Louisiana State University in 2018 and began writing songs together. A culmination of catharsis, storytelling, and lots of harmonies, the music began its journey to become what it is today.

Since then, the band has grown to include Thomas Vercher (Drums), Michael Blount (Guitar), and Matt Hawkins (Bass) who launched the music into its exciting final form.

Today, Karma and the Killjoys’ original music invokes flavors of alternative, folk, and rock, creating their own unique piano-rock sound.

Contact: Johnny Palazzotto Rhythmpal@Yahoo.com